14 Unique Cat Breeds You’ve Never Seen Before


Cats come in all shapes and sizes. They can be hairless and furry, wayward and friendly, or soft and freedom-loving. They’re amazing and are a never-ending source of fascination and curiosity to those who cherish their companionship. 

According to the International Cat Association (TICA), there are 73 cat breeds officially recognized, and we at Cialiskey picked some examples of the most exciting ones to inform our readers about. So follow us on this gentle journey to cherish cats’ special and distinct qualities. 

Norwegian Forest cat

The Norwegian Forest cat can stand to be in icy areas due to the fact it has a beautiful, lengthy furry coat. This breed almost went extinct in the course of the mid-twentieth century, but a breeding software decided to make greater of them, increasing their numbers. As a result, this massive and sturdy cat is state-of-the-art in Norway, Sweden, and France. It has long legs and can live up to sixteen years.


However, if you determine to get this breed, try to watch out for kidney and heart problems they can also have, as these issues have end up frequent in this type of breed. 

Himalayan cat

This breed is named the Colorpoint Persian as properly and looks an awful lot like a Persian cat, but it’s characterized through blue eyes and colorpoint coloring (a light body and a darkish face, feet, ears, and tail). Its physique is a bit round with short legs, making it extra hard for them to bounce as excessive as other cats can. There are two kinds of this cat — the doll-face and peke-faced (these have a tendency to have more squashed-looking faces). Himalayan cats seemed in 1950 in the US. Himalayans are tender, obedient, and friendly cats with a calm temperament. Their fur is generally white, however they can come in many colors, such as black, blue, lilac, chocolate, and red. The hardest ones to produce are the chocolate and lilac ones because the dad and mom have to elevate this color gene, and because it’s a recessive trait, it’s extra difficult. 

Scottish Fold

The most identifiable element located on Scottish Folds is adorable ears that, unlike other cats, don’t stick up — they hang. This unusual function is an end result of genetic mutation. These cats are extraordinarily clever. They get alongside without difficulty with other family individuals and are usually prepared to play. One more distinctive feature of Scottish Folds is that they can stand on their hind legs and observe things they’re involved in. 


Peterbalds, also regarded as the Petersburg Sphynx, are elegant cats — they have slim bodies, elongated heads, and massive prolonged ears. The physique can be bald or fuzzy. Peterbalds are sociable, tender-tempered, and convenient to train. 

These cats can be born bald, brushed, or with a straight coat. But these born with fur can lose it after some time, and they can come in all kinds of colors. 

Their character varies — it is sweet-tempered, affectionate, peaceful, curious, smart, and energetic. They like being round their owners and spend a lot of time with them. They normally don’t have issues living with other pets and tend to get along with children quite nicely. 

Egyptian Mau

The look of these cats has modified very little over the closing 3,000 years —- because of their emergence in Ancient Egypt. These cats have now not solely a spotted coat however also spotted skin. The cat is really muscular, and its returned legs are longer than the front, making it appear tip-toed when standing upright. It is the fastest breed compared to different domestic cats and has a lengthy and dark stripe that goes from the head to its tail. 

Egyptian Mau cats show up in four colors — silver, bronze, black, and blue. When it comes to personality, they are very loyal, playful, and friendly —and they love warm temperatures. They wiggle their tails to mark their territory and additionally love to sing — their odd voices sound like fowl chirps. The breed’s eye color can even trade depending on how they sense (between green and bluish). 

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is one of the greatest cat breeds. Its can weigh somewhere from 11 lb to 33 lb (5 kg to 15 kg), and a mature cat’s physique can reach four ft (1.23 m) in length. However, notwithstanding their fearsome appearance, these are affectionate, gentle, and playful animals. 


This is one of the most uncommon breeds, and it seemed in the Nineteen Eighties in the US. Thanks to their curly hair, LaPerm cats don’t shed very much, so they can be a good breed for cat dad and mom with respiratory allergies. 

Archangel Blue

This is one of the most famous shorthair cat breeds. It became known worldwide in the late nineteenth century. This cat has inexperienced eyes and is only one color, which is blue. It has a double coat — very thick and gentle to the touch — and its tail has stripes, however they regularly aren’t viewed nicely because they’re dull-colored. They are pretty a curious, friendly, smart, and reserved breed. 

They are known for playing fetch and opening doors and are very touchy to people’s emotions. These cats are terrific loyal to their owners and other household pets. Although they can shy away from strangers and be seen as reserved, they’re quite the hunters. They can get bored easily, so they need toys and playmates. 

Archangel Blues have a fantastic memory, and they may also even disguise their toys somewhere in the house and then lead their proprietors to that hiding place if they want to play. They take note faces and can even greet familiar ones after a long time of not seeing them. 


This giant cat breed have a look of a tiger with its coat pattern, and it explains the name’s origin. The breed’s founder states that the Toyger used to be developed to inspire humans to suppose about tiger protection in the wild. 

American Curl

This breed was once developed in the US in the 1980s. The new baby kittens can hardly be unique from full-grown cats, however as early as their tenth day of life, their ears start turning back, like little horns. This particular function from the American Curl touches the hearts of many people around the world. 

Bengal cat

Bengal is the result of mating Asian leopard  and  domestic cats. These cats love to swim and, despite their impressive size (8.8lb to 17.6lb), often climb on their owner’s shoulders.


The earliest references to this variety can be found in Tamra Maew or Cat Book Poems (1350-1767). In ancient Siam, Khao Manee lived only with the royal family and was considered a symbol of good luck, longevity and wealth. They are a curious variety, loyal and wise. They love fetching just before taking a nap with you in a warm bed.


This is one of the fewest cat breeds. It used to be developed by means of crossing a domestic cat with a jungle cat. These are very sociable animals, and it’s challenging for them to bear loneliness. But, on the other hand, Chausies will be joyful with any company, whether it be human, feline, or even canine. 

Savannah cat

This breed was once developed by means of crossing an African Serval with a home cat. They’re the biggest cats: a mature cat weighs an average of 33 lb and reaches 1.9 ft in height. Savannah cats are regarded for their high stage of intelligence, calm temperament, curiosity, and playful nature. They love taking baths, walking outdoors, and enjoying games. But to very own such a excellent cat, you need to have a lot of area for it to play. 

Do you show up to have a rare cat as a pet? If so, how is life with them at home?