About Us

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What sets us apart farom other news platforms?

Cialiskey is a multi-platform news and media company that strives to bring you the most reliable information available.

Our reporters are constantly asking questions, searching for answers and analyzing the big picture behind a headline-worthy story. That’s what sets us apart. We provide more background information in our original articles than any other site.

Too many journalists today ignore reality in their reporting, presenting only what they think people want to hear. This creates empty, biased and narrow-minded stories, stories that are “front page” news one day, filed away and forgotten the next.

We began to wonder where the stories that were reported months or even years ago had gone: was there anything else? Is there information that has not been communicated to us? From these questions, Cialiskey became a reality.

We are here to put together the missing pieces, to change what interests you. We are here to bring you real, raw, authentic stories that are worth your time.