Cilantro Adds Great Flavor To Your Weight Loss Meals

Cilantro Adds Great Flavor To Your Weight Loss Meals

The fruit of the cilantro plant contains two seeds that are dried, then used as a dried spice called coriander seeds. The leaves of the cilantro plant resemble parsley, and are used mainly as a condiment for seasoning of foods.

Cilantro is an incredible herb bursting with flavor and nutritional benefits. This delicate deep green herb can enhance the flavor of all your meals. Cilantro is extremely low in calories, fat and cholesterol. Cilantro can be enjoyed raw or cooked, and even used as a decoration to your dinner plate or platters!

This amazing plant provides tons of healthy vitamins and minerals. Thiamin, zinc, fiber, vitamin C,E,K,B6, calcium, iron, potassium, and yes, this list can go on and on! Nine sprigs of this wonderful herb contain only 5 calories and an entire gram of fiber!

This tasty herb is packed with Vitamin A, which helps provides good vision, especially at night. Also highly contained in cilantro is the vitamin lutein. Lutein is necessary for good vision and can help lower the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. Plus, cilantro is used as a natural medicine to help with digestion.

Cilantro is available year round. Be sure the leaves are fresh, crisp, and deep green in color. You can keep your cilantro in the refrigerator, in a plastic bag, for about 4 days. You may also freeze the leaves, either chopped or whole, for later use.

There are many ways to enjoy the flavor of cilantro. Try adding a few leaves to a low calorie vegetable soup. Sauted vegetables with cilantro mixed in will have your taste buds smiling!

Try placing a few leaves on top of baked fish or chicken for added color and variety. You can also add a few leaves with some of your favorite raw vegetables, and blend for a healthy great tasting vegetable drink.

A fresh salad with added cilantro is very tasty, and when added to salsa…WOW, what a burst of various flavors! If you have any left over cilantro, use it for beautiful
decoration for your appetizer platter.

Have fun and try different ideas! Enjoy!

The Power Blast!

Calories: 9 sprigs 5 calories!
Protein: 0
Fiber: 1 g
Sugars: 0
Vitamin C: 5.4 mg
Calcium: 13.4 mg
Cholesterol: 0
Potassium: 104 mg
Sodium: 9 mg
Saturated Fat: 0