Low Calorie Clams Are A Smart Choice For Your Weight Loss Program!

Low-Calorie Clams Are A Smart Choice For Your Weight Loss Program!

You can choose, either raw, steamed or cooked! Clams have wonderful flavor, unique texture, and tremendous nutritional benefits! Clams are extremely low in calories and fat, therefore a great power food to add to your weight loss plan.

Clams provide many essential nutrients our bodies require, such as, iron, protein, vitamin A, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, and selenium.

Clams also contain omega 3 fatty acids which can help improve your cell growth, prevent constipation, can help maintain a healthy cholesterol level, and can help strengthen your immune system. This is just naming a few benefits of adding omega 3 fatty acids to your diet.

You can purchase clams at your grocery store many different ways. They are available fresh, frozen, canned, and steamed. The two main types of clams are hard shell, mainly used for stews and chowders. And, soft shell clams, mainly eaten raw and steamed. If you are buying fresh clams, be sure the shells are not cracked, and the shells are closed, which means the clam is alive.

There are many ways to enjoy eating clams. The easiest way is to eat them raw! Just pull out with a fork, or slurp them right from the shell! Try squeezing some lemon juice on them, or dip in a low calorie spicy sauce.

Fried clams taste delicious and can be made a low calorie way! Just lightly coat your clams in a small amount of almond or buckwheat flour, and lightly grill in a pan with a very small amount of olive oil. Try dipping your clams in a low fat plain yogurt for added flavor.

Steamed clams are extra tasty. After steaming, you can add them into a vegetable soup, seafood soup, or low calorie stew. Have some steamed clams as a side dish to another one of your favorite seafood meals. Smoked clams are a great snack or appetizer. Try making a clam dip! Just mince some clams, add to low fat plain yogurt and there you go! Dip your cooked or steamed clams in your clam dip!

Have you ever tried clams casino or baked stuffed clams? Just add a mixture of chopped onion, garlic, and a few of your favorite spices on top of your clam and bake! You can serve your stuffed clams as an appetizer or main meal.

Try a low calorie clam chowder! Put chopped onion, diced carrot, thyme, water, skim milk and the liquid from a can of clams in a pot. When your vegetables are soft, add the clams and simmer for about 10 minutes.

Experiment with your clams and have fun! I’m sure you will come up with many delicious ways to enjoy clams!

The Power Blast!

Calories: 3 ounces raw, 63 calories
Protein: 11 g
Fiber: 0
Sugars: 0
Vitamin C: 11.1 mg
Calcium: 39.1 mg
Cholesterol: 29 mg
Potassium: 267 mg
Sodium: 48 mg
Saturated Fat: 0

Have fun losing weight while you are eating your new power food!