Persimmon Fruit Is Bursting With Fiber And Nutrition!

Persimmon Fruit Is Bursting With Fiber And Nutrition!

This soft, delicate fruit simply melts in your mouth. Persimmon fruit has a sweet flavor, and a beautiful reddish-orange color that adds decoration to your snack trays,
appetizer platters and main meals! This tasty treat is a great addition to your healthy diet plan because it has zero fat, and is loaded with fiber!

Persimmon fruit is not only high in fiber, but is an excellent source of vitamin A. Vitamin A helps maintain healthy teeth, tissue, skin, and helps maintain good vision. This power packed fruit also contains many other vitamins and minerals such as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, calcium, iron, and protein.

When you purchase persimmon fruit, choose the ones that are deep in color, plump, and soft. Avoid the ones that are hard if you plan on eating them right away because if they are not yet ripe, they will have a bitter taste. You can also freeze this fruit, and it will not lose any of it’s wonderful flavor.

You can enjoy the benefits of eating persimmon fruit many exciting ways! Add a few slices to your salad for nice color and variety. Try adding some chunks to some of your other favorite fruits and make a smoothie!

A fruit salad with persimmon mixed in makes a refreshing treat. For an appetizing breakfast, add some persimmon with low fat yogurt. Have a few slices with your eggs for added nutrition.

Persimmon fruit can also be eaten baked! Before your family or guest come over, try baking some persimmon. The aroma in your home will have everyones mouth watering!

Have fun and enjoy!

The Power Blast!

Calories: 100 g weight 118 calories
Protein: 1 g
Fiber: 6 g
Sugars: 21 g
Vitamin C: 12.6 mg
Calcium: 13.4 mg
Cholesterol: 0
Potassium: 270 mg
Sodium: 1 g
Saturated Fat: 0